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SUV,Off road Rubber Track systems(No.12-5)

Product Numbers: No.12-5

Product description: Specifications: Track width -330 мм. Overall dimensions: 1170х330х790 mm Distance to axle center – 500 mm Rocking wheels Operating temperature - -40°C to +50°C Weight – 130 kg






Frame Construction--------------Steel
Track Material------------------Rubber
Roller--------------------------Polyurathane coated steel

Type of Vehicle-----------------SUV,Jeep,Off road,capacity 4t.
Type of rubber track------------Self Clean

Paint(color)--------------------Anti-Corrosion Black(other color optional)


Track systems height------------790mm
Track systems length------------1170mm
Track systems width-------------330mm
Sprocket Diameter---------------435mm
Sprocket center to ground-------570mm
Recommend working Temperature---+55°- -40°
Ground contact surface area-----0.33m2/track
Rubber Tread hight:15mm

Recommend Max.Speed-------------50km/h
Turning-------------------------Running Turn




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